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Our Customer Belief System
Starex Logistics was established with a goal to provide innovative solutions for Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics. Starex Logistics continues to explore new possibilities, bringing to life futuristic visions of the Supply Chain Industry.
"To provide the highest quality solutions for logistics and distribution services” Always adhering to the principles of the company - foster a work environment where creativity and productivity thrive; create and strengthen connections within the industry; continue corporate growth and wellness - we will meet your needs and surpass your service expectations."
Welcome to our site
Starex Logistics was established in 1994 to provide the most intelligent and efficient distribution, freight and trucking services network in the India. Today the company serves hundreds of manufacturers, importers and distributors, shipping to the largest retailers in the country.
With strong roots in the IT sector apparel/fashion industry – known for its exacting standards and unforgiving delivery requirements – Starex Logistics now addresses a wide range of markets, from office and to electronics and sporting goods.
At Starex Logistics, technology is used to enable end-to-end visibility and control, but also to help “keep it simple”. With an emphasis on customer care, ADI service reps are all management level. They, along with an individually tested and trained staff, convey a can-do attitude, best expressed by the company slogan, “Expect a Miracle”.
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